Hawaii Moving Notifications Checklist

Hawaii Moving Notifications Checklist

Posted 10.5.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

There are a few important people you need to notify as you approach moving day, including your friends and family. The easiest way to stay on top of things is to create a checklist of all the parties you need to contact. This Notifications Checklist will help keep everybody in the loop, so you can leave your worries behind and look forward to your new life in island paradise.

Notify utilities and other services, and keep activated through moving day:

  1. Gas and Electric
  2. Water
  3. Sanitation Services
  4. Cable providers
  5. Telephone
  6. Give activation date to new utilities company in Hawaii

Notify your insurance agents:

  1. Auto
  2. Medical
  3. Home

Other parties who need to be notified include:

  1. Healthcare providers, doctors, and dentist
  2. Financial institutions including bank and credit card companies
  3. United States Postal Service (Note: Change of Address can be performed online)

Regarding your flight information:

  1. Confirm your travel reservations with your airline
  2. Say good-byes to friends and relatives, and provide them with an itinerary of your travel arrangements.
  3. Contact them when you arrive safely in Hawaii




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