Calendar Guide to Hawaii Moving

Calendar Guide to Hawaii Moving

Posted 10.5.2012 in Articles by Neil-Denny

Moving to Hawaii is a major step. While the shipping company takes care of the work getting your personal belongings overseas, there are still a number of things to take care of on your end. We provide a checklist to keep you fully prepared for the big move leading up to your arrival to the Hawaiian Islands. By taking care of all the small steps, you'll have no problem making that big leap across the Pacific.

3 Months Before the Move...

Sort your belongings. By taking this step way ahead of time, you will know exactly what you are going to be taking with you and can arrive at a more accurate estimate for your shipment. This also gives you ample time to hold a garage sale to get rid of all your unwanted items, or find ways to donate or dispose of them. When sorting your belongings, keep in mind the size of your new home so you don't run into the problem of having to hold surplus items in storage.

Keep track of the items you will be shipping. While we do provide a written inventory of your items, feel free to create your own personal inventory and take photos before you schedule for them to be packed and delivered.

Make the decision to sell or ship your car. If you absolutely love your car, chances are you will want to ship it to Hawaii. If it's one you don't mind parting with, consider selling and buying a new car when you get to Hawaii. The earlier you make this decision the easier it will be to manage your budget. Keep in mind, gas prices are higher in Hawaii, so a gas guzzler might not be your best option.

Start saving. Ideally, by now you've set aside enough for you to make the move, but you'll also want to keep in mind any extra expenditures you will be needing during the early stages of your transition, including gas, groceries, and short-term accommodations if necessary.

3-4 weeks Before the Move...

If you haven't already done so, schedule your flight. By scheduling your flight 21 days or more before arrival, you have a good chance of finding an affordable flight. The price will increase every day after that 21-day mark. Fewer tourists visit Hawaii between the months of January and May or between the months of September and November. Aiming for these time frames  will allow for more affordable flights, less congested areas, and better availability for car rentals.

Time the shipment of your household goods accordingly. Plan to arrive at Hawaii at the same time as your personal belongings. Otherwise, you will be forced to find short-term accommodations if you arrive earlier, or will need to rent out a storage facility if your goods make it to the islands before you do.

One Week Before the Move...

Notify all the necessary parties of your relocation. This includes your bank, insurance company, doctor, dentist, and property manager. You will also need to contact the Post Office to give them your change of address. Set a date to terminate cable, utilities, and sanitation services at your current residence.

Keep all important documents together in one pouch or folder. This includes your passport, prescriptions, medical records, and other personal papers. Pack it along with your luggage to prevent you from forgetting them or accidentally packing them with the rest of your personal belongings.

Confirm all travel arrangements. Give your friends and family a full travel itinerary to keep them in the loop of your transition.

On the Day of the Move...

You just have to be there.

When your professional moving crew arrives, discuss any special arrangements you've made with our company, and our crew will gladly accommodate you. Do a final walkthrough to make sure nothing gets left behind and double-check to make sure you have all important documents with you. Once we take care of the paperwork, the rest is up to us, and you can get back to choosing the right Hawaiian shirt and practicing your Pidgin talk.


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